Dragons & Beavers: A Fable

In a land beyond a sea of stars,
Far beyond the moon and Mars,
Is the land of Vudrua, dry and warm
Where the dragons all live and roam.

One dragon in particular loved this land,
The one where his family’s rich collection stand.
He guarded this treasure from dawn until dusk,
Striking at any thief with his large yellow tusks.

On a hot summer day, a beaver came to visit.
Water, food and friends the beaver brought with it.
“Why are you so dry?” The beaver asked with a smirk,
“Aren’t you tired of laying here in the dirt?”

“No I am not!” The dragon responded quite confidently,
“I love it here in my desert, you should join!” He said friendly.
“This must be a joke,” the beaver replied.
“I’ve been here only a moment and have sand in my eye!

Oh, dear dragon, I’d hate to upstage you
But where I’m from there is nothing but greenery in view!
I want you to guess, dragon, what I will do now
With only a twist, flick and a short little bow.”

“Oh, I have no clue,” said the dragon with confusion,
“My only hope is that you don’t bring my home to ruin!”
“Not to ruin, my friend, but to life I will bring
this, your country, where your whole family can sing.

Sing of my help, my good deeds and power,
Sing of the new cities and glorious spring showers!”
“Now, dear beaver, don’t wreck our land with water,
Us dragons don’t like it and without heat we’ll falter!”

But the beaver did not care, it needed the dragon’s land,
It wasn’t long after that the dragons had to defend
Their homes and families and ways of life,
Never before had the dragons put up with so much strife.

The beaver moved in with his family and friends but the dragons did not move,
They hissed and shouted but the beavers did not value the dragon’s point of view.

The last dragon fled after his home fell to the ground,
Not one member of his family was left to be found.
He ran to the mountains where no beaver would tread,
He lives there now with not so much as a friend.

“I’ll stay here and watch as the beavers ruin my land,
Planting glass triangles and great rivers in my sand.
But the moment they move,” the last dragon roared,
“Down the slopes I will soar
And take back my land and all the treasures inside
And send the beavers packing with no place to hide.”

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