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Corrections: A Reflection

Following the events of Charlottesville, VA the country, again, exploded into conversation about the presentness of racism and how, institutionally, this country is still promoting it. As a result there is a large discussion going on about the relevance, or lack thereof, of confederate monuments that glorify and affirm the actions of known racists and…… Continue reading Corrections: A Reflection

Short Stories · The Tarot Series

II-The High Priestess

The Tarot Series An Anthology of Depressive Realism Presents… II- The High Priestess By: Andrew Pan Phillip Beyer walked as quickly as he could around the alley corner, head lowered, collar up, ball cap down and sunglass on. His breath was shallow and his hands were tucked tightly into his coat pockets. He passed an…… Continue reading II-The High Priestess