Journey To Minimalism Begins

A couple of years ago I first watched the documentary film Minimalism. I wasn't brand new to the aesthetics of minimalism but seeing these two men and other minimalists live their lives on camera was truly eye opening. At the time I was living as minimal as I could think one can, having a broken... Continue Reading →


Corrections: A Reflection

Following the events of Charlottesville, VA the country, again, exploded into conversation about the presentness of racism and how, institutionally, this country is still promoting it. As a result there is a large discussion going on about the relevance, or lack thereof, of confederate monuments that glorify and affirm the actions of known racists and... Continue Reading →

Museum Challenge: “Ghost”

No one tells you about the ghosts of the living. No one tells you about how when you lose yourself you become only a shell, a ghost of yourself to all those around you. Depression, anxiety, addiction, they all demand a part of yourself and for that part you are made a ghost of the... Continue Reading →

II-The High Priestess

The Tarot Series An Anthology of Depressive Realism Presents... II- The High Priestess By: Andrew Pan Phillip Beyer walked as quickly as he could around the alley corner, head lowered, collar up, ball cap down and sunglass on. His breath was shallow and his hands were tucked tightly into his coat pockets. He passed an... Continue Reading →

Dear Lovely…Spring 2018

Because of the other projects being released in 2017 I have decided to push back the publication of my debut novel "Dear Lovely".  I've been working on DL since 2012 and I am so excited to finally share it with you but I want to make sure that I share it at a time that... Continue Reading →

I- The Magician

The Tarot Series An Anthology of Depressive Realism Presents... I- The Magician By: Andrew Pan           "Quote: ‘Dean Garrett is about as out of touch with his congregation as a person with dial up internet.’ unquote.” Josephine read the tweets to her boss from the illuminated screen of her out of... Continue Reading →

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